Case Study - Composable commerce for Interflora Australia

Transform the organisation's e-commerce operations to align with modern digital expectations.

Composable commerce


Interflora, a leading name in the online floristry industry, embarked on a pivotal journey to overhaul its e-commerce operations. Facing ageing technology infrastructure and business processes that could no longer meet the evolving digital expectations, Interflora sought a transformation that would not only rejuvenate its operational framework but also position it at the forefront of the digital floristry market.


The primary challenge was the outdated technology infrastructure and the cumbersome business processes that hampered efficiency and scalability. Coupled with this was the industry's shift towards composable technology, which necessitates a flexible, modular approach to digital operations—a stark contrast to Interflora's existing setup.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive digital strategy was implemented, focusing on creating a new website experience that centred around Interflora's unique value propositions. This strategy included the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as CommerceTools, Algolia for advanced search, Dynamics 365 for customer relationship management, and Adyen for payment processing. These technologies were chosen for their ability to reduce operational overheads, enhance the customer experience, and provide scalable solutions for future growth.


The project was delivered using an agile methodology, allowing for iterative development and continuous improvement. Key milestones included the selection and integration of the new technology stack, the redesign of the website to enhance user experience, and the implementation of personalised content delivery to engage customers more effectively.


The digital transformation has revolutionised Interflora's digital capabilities, making it more competitive in a rapidly evolving market. The new technology infrastructure has reduced operational costs, improved efficiency, and provided a platform for scalable growth. The enhanced website experience has also led to an increase in customer engagement and satisfaction.

Overcoming Challenges

A significant hurdle was the initial plan to release the project in phases, which was reevaluated in favour of a more impactful, comprehensive launch. This strategic pivot required meticulous planning and coordination but ultimately ensured the delivery of a fully realised transformation that met all project objectives.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Interflora plans to innovate further, particularly in areas such as delivery confirmations and real-time order tracking. These innovations aim to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency further.

Growth and Positioning

Interflora has made a quantum leap in its digital presence, evolving 20 years in less than two, thanks to the project's success. This transformation has not only streamlined operations and improved customer engagement but also significantly positioned Interflora for sustainable growth in the digital age.

What we did

  • Agile Delivery
  • Content Design
  • Business Analysis
  • CX Design
  • DevOps
  • Platform Configuration
  • Product Design
  • QA Testing
  • Software Engineering
  • Solution Architecture
3Platforms in one
< 12m Time to market
10% Increase in sales
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