The Art of Strategic Play: Empowering Teams and Strategies with LEGO® Serious Play®

by Tim Freeman, COO

When it comes to business strategy and innovation, the quest for methodologies that not only engage but also unlock the full potential of teams is never-ending. Among the myriad of tools at our disposal, one stands out for its unique approach and surprising effectiveness: LEGO® Serious Play®. Often associated with childhood play, LEGO® possesses an inherent capacity to foster creativity, facilitate strategic alignment, and drive innovation in a corporate setting.

From Child's Play to Strategic Play

At its core, LEGO® Serious Play® breaks down the traditional boundaries of age and profession and relies on the universal language of creativity and construction that many of us embraced in our youth. By reintroducing LEGO® into the professional environment, we tap into a deep well of imaginative thinking and problem-solving skills that often lie untapped in the day-to-day routine of corporate life.

So, what is LEGO® Serious Play®?

LEGO® Serious Play® is more than just building with bricks; it's a facilitated process designed to enhance innovation, communication, and collaboration within teams and organisations.
Through the construction of 3D models, participants convey complex ideas, share personal insights, and explore various scenarios in a tangible and engaging manner. This hands-on approach not only democratises the conversation but also fosters a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities at hand.

Real-World Impact: Case Studies from LEVO and Clemenger Connect

At LEVO, we use LEGO® Serious Play® to assist our clients in navigating the complex challenges of strategy development, stakeholder alignment, and innovation. From financial services, higher education through to not for profits, our experience underscores the method's versatility across various industries and contexts.

Last week at Clemenger Connect, a convergence of senior management teams from all Clemenger Group companies, we used LEGO® Serious Play® to facilitate sessions aimed at fostering broader collaboration and aligning the group's strategic objectives. The outcome was a resounding success, marked by an unprecedented level of engagement and collective
buy-in to the group's goals.

Moreover, LEGO® Serious Play® has become an integral part of our initial engagement process with clients. By incorporating this methodology early on, we ensure that all stakeholders are not only aligned but also deeply invested in the project's success. This alignment is crucial
for navigating the project's subsequent phases with cohesion and a shared vision.

Embrace LEGO® Serious Play® 

The journey from skepticism to advocacy for LEGO® Serious Play® is both enlightening and rewarding. Beyond its novelty, the method offers a profound way to break down communication barriers, unearth innovative solutions, and align teams around common goals.

As professionals continually seek more effective ways to strategise, collaborate, and innovate, LEGO® Serious Play® stands out as a potent tool in the corporate arsenal. It's time to unlock its potential and reimagine what we can achieve together, one brick at a time.
Embrace the transformative power of LEGO® Serious Play® and watch your team's creative and strategic capabilities soar to new heights.

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