Digital revolution: from monoliths to agile composable solutions

by Cale Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer

The digital experience landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, moving from traditional monolithic architectures to a more dynamic, composable approach. This change is not merely technological but represents a revolution in how businesses implement and evolve their digital strategies.

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The convergence of monoliths and composability

Initially, composable solutions, adhering to MACH principles, offered focused functionalities that contrasted sharply with traditional monolithic systems. Yet, as the industry matures, these distinctions are becoming less pronounced. Composable solutions are evolving with a wider range of integrated features, while still maintaining their modular essence. Concurrently, traditional monoliths are adapting, breaking down their rigid structures to offer more interoperable, flexible components. This convergence creates a spectrum of solutions for organisations catering to various needs and preferences, offering a balanced mix of integration and modularity.

Single logo vs. Multi logo composable solutions

Organisations now face a choice between single logo solutions like Sitecore, Optimizely, Salesforce and Adobe who offer multiple modular products, and multi-logo composable options like commercetools, Algolia, ContentStack, and Contentful. Single logo solutions are increasingly modular, while multi logo solutions provide a diverse mix-and-match of best of breed MACH products. Both routes offer unique advantages in terms of integration, flexibility, and customisation.

Benefits of composable architecture

Regardless of the chosen path, the shift towards composable architectures brings notable benefits:

  • Enhanced agility and scalability: Businesses can swiftly adapt and expand their digital capabilities.

  • Increased innovation and speed: Modular components enable quick deployment of new features.

  • Greater customisation and personalisation: Creating tailored digital experiences becomes more feasible, improving engagement.

Choosing the right solution

In the quest to select the most fitting digital solution for your business, it's crucial to recognise that what works for your competitors may not be the right solution for you. The key is in understanding your specific needs and the unique context of your organisation. This involves delving into the nuances of your operational environment, your team's capabilities, and your long-term strategic goals. You should consider factors such as compatibility with existing systems, ease of integration, the strength of vendor support and the robustness of their ecosystem, as well as the total cost of ownership and the intricacies of managing the solution. At LEVO, we don't just look at what's trending or most popular; we focus on what aligns best with your distinct culture and objectives, ensuring that the solution we recommend is tailored to your organisation’s specific journey. There are so many instances of clients having Ferraris in their garages that have never been out of first gear.

Navigating the change and transition 

Embracing a composable architecture is more than just a technological shift; it's a holistic transformation encompassing cultural, operational, and process changes. It's not just about implementing new technology but managing the transition in a way that aligns with your organisation's ethos and pace. This transition requires careful planning and consideration, including employee training, process adaptation, and nurturing an environment that supports innovation and continuous improvement.

What this means for organisations

The evolving landscape of digital experience solutions offers an array of choices, each with unique strengths. The convergence of monolithic approaches and composable architectures heralds a new era of flexibility and customisation. The right solution, be it a single or multi logo approach, aligns with the organisation's specific context and culture.

When deciding between single and multi-logo composable digital solutions, organisations should consider their specific business needs, goals, and IT infrastructure, assessing factors like agility, technical expertise, integration capabilities, and cost implications. It's crucial to evaluate how each architecture aligns with scalability, security, customer experience, and the ability to innovate and respond to market demands.

The convergence in the middle is a good thing for organisations, opening more options for those wanting to explore the benefits of composability.

Partner with LEVO for your composable solution journey

In this evolving composable digital experience landscape, LEVO offers strategic guidance. We work with single logo composable solutions such as Optimizely along multi-logo MACH solutions including commercetools, Contentstack, and Algolia. Our team is committed to understanding your needs, aligning our approach with your culture and objectives, and bringing agility, flexibility, and a customer-centric focus to every project.

Embark on your tailored composable solution journey with LEVO. Connect with Kevin Miller to discover how our Advisory and Consulting practice can guide you in navigating the composable landscape, ensuring you select the optimal solution tailored to your business's unique characteristics.

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