We are change-makers.
We are future-shapers.
We are LEVO.


We’re an experienced strategic design and technology consultancy that puts people at the centre of all solutions. We’re agile, flexible, attentive, responsive, and adaptive. There are no hierarchies to trip over, no unnecessary steps to slow down your project, and no inflated costs to blow your budget. We’re not here to add complexity, we’re here to get the job done.

Do you have any digital projects that have stalled? Any problems that aren’t getting resolved? Any ideas you don’t know how to execute? If you’re here, then the great news is you’ve found the missing link to your answers. Whatever your needs and goals are, our experts, technology, and partners are ready to help you achieve your version of success.

So, where did we come from? LEVO has been around the block for a while now – since 2005, in fact. Our founders Craig Roberts and Callum Hoogester noticed far too many organisations were struggling to make progress in achieving their technology goals, even with the help of high-priced consultants. Great ideas were often trapped in miscommunication, lack of ownership, and unnecessary complexity. As a result, digital projects fell down the priority list until they reached a halt.

LEVO was launched to bring stonewalled projects back on track, providing a more flexible, pragmatic, and efficient way to design, develop, and deliver technology that hits the mark with your customers and employees.

What we do

We pride ourselves on our fast, flexible, and human-centric approach to identifying opportunities, solving problems, and building technology.

Strategic design
Solving problems and designing experiences that delight customers and unlock business potential.
Engineering experiences that accelerate transformation from front of house to back office.
Accelerating results by augmenting the capabilities of your teams and technology.
How we connect with you

We engage with you in three key ways depending on where you are in your technology journey.

Team as a Service
Boost your internal capability and accelerate results with a dedicated team of experts.
Blended delivery
Execute your projects faster with our best people elevating the capability of yours.
Project engagement
Get individual projects done on time and on budget, or on a pay-as-you-engage basis.

Our experts

Our 60+ experts bring an open mind to every problem, idea, and project, helping you reach your technology goals faster. Together, your people and our people can make an unbeatable team.


We’ve partnered with world-class technology companies, so we can design and build the right solutions for your business.

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