DDLS is the leading technology training provider in Australia. They promote a balanced approach to training with a focus on the key areas of Technology, Process and People. Providing vendor-certified courses to customised training, including bespoke in-house developed courses.

As a long-standing partner of Dimension Data, LEVO were tasked with designing the digital strategy, undertaking a technology audit and providing a comprehensive evaluation of suitable CMS/eCommerce platforms.


The DDLS website was made up of a large number of static HTML pages that required an in-house developer to update and maintain content. Real time updates of course information and pricing were impossible meaning DDLS had no effective way of their marketing courses, availability and allowing clients to book intuitively online. Analytics were non-existent and the site was performing well below the benchmarks set by competitors.

LEVO were engaged to not only set the digital strategy and design and develop the new site, but also to compare technologies within the .NET stack and determine the best possible fit for the DDLS business. The eventual winner of that evaluation was EPiServer.


LEVO have delivered DDLS a digital platform that seamlessly integrates with their existing Microsoft CRM and Accounting systems to provide a scalable future proof solution, that is able transact in real time. The new website is fully responsive, content managed and completely automated.

The EPiServer eCommerce solution implemented by Levo is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX. CRM provides the point of truth for all student, instructor, facility, course and schedule information as well as bookings. The website ingests this data and presents information back to the end-user through an intuitive, high performance user interface. Bookings originated via the website can be pushed back into the CRM in real time. 

With a high proportion of traffic using mobile devices, a fully responsive experience, including complex scheduling information has provided DDLS the boost it required. The totally automated solution Levo have put in place has allowed DDLS to focus on what it does best, providing the best customer educational experience possible through its training courses.


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