Building next-generation commerce solutions using commercetools


In the early days of ecommerce, the buying journey was a linear experience. Customers just visited a site, browsed the catalog, added items to their cart, and checked out.

Today, the customer journey is distributed across multiple apps, platforms, and devices, and is heavily personalised to the customer. Given this evolution, businesses can no longer expect to stand out in the market and grow by relying on legacy systems and processes.

Benefits of headless commerce
High availability
Ensure customers can access your online store without interruptions, ultimately reducing lost revenue, reputational damage, and recovery costs.
Enhanced scalability
Automatically handle peaks in global traffic with highly scalable, modern cloud infrastructure. This means merchants don’t have to add additional resources when sales are on.
Increased flexibility
Deliver consistent and frictionless omnichannel buying experiences, without having to customise UI for apps, chatbots, voice-operated systems, social media platforms, or wearable devices.

Manage product data and product types, discounts, orders, categories, and customer data for all retail channels in just a few clicks. Additional functions, such as configurable forms and batch processing, help you complete your daily tasks quickly and easily.

Features include:

  • Products, orders & shipping management
  • Customer management
  • Store & retail channel management
  • Discount handling
  • User management & permissions

Access all product data and handle even complex catalogs in just a few clicks with a powerful integration PIM. You can find, view, and work with products much quicker and more efficiently with Product Lists and Product Search features.

Features include:

  • User Interface management
  • Products, product types & attributes
  • Product variants & options
  • Image management
  • Inventory management

Make global payments and orders hassle-free, with support for flexible pricing, multiple currencies, various shipping options, and discount variations. You can view and process orders, manage delivery and parcel options of orders, and track shipping status.

Features include:

  • Cart management
  • Order management
  • Tax management
  • Shopping lists

Embrace international payment methods to expand your global footprint. You can also add new shipping countries and delivery methods on the fly, supporting international business models and cross-border retail.

Features include:

  • Global payments 
  • Shipping management
  • States

Ease your workload and improve your customers' experience with AI/ML. Laborious tasks, like categorising products or finding duplicate products records, will be completed automatically. Your customers will also find the products they’re looking for quickly using image search.

Features include:

  • Automation
  • Product data quality enhancement
  • CX management and optimisation

Commerce Fast Track

Our modular LEVO Fast Track architecture drastically reduces time to market with best of breed technology.

  • commercetools - cloud first, headless ecommerce platform
  • Contentstack - multi-channel, SaaS, headless content platform
  • Algolia - API first, AI enabled, lightning fast search 
  • Netlify - A fast, resilient network for web apps
  • Uniform - Headless decoupled DXP inspired by and built for Jamstack
How LEVO can help you
Strategic design
We design incredible ecommerce experiences that delight your customers and make you stand out in the market.
  • ecommerce platform selection
  • Technology solution architecture
  • Experience design, including customer journey mapping and service blueprinting
  • eCommerce website design
  • Customer research
  • Operating model assessment
  • Governance
We develop, deploy, and test ecommerce solutions in accordance with the strategic design, while being flexible to change.
  • Rapid eCommerce delivery using accelerator
  • eCommerce implementation and configuration
  • Integration with core business systems
  • PIM integration
  • Integration services to ERP, CRM and more
We maintain, optimise, and enhance your ecommerce solutions on an ongoing basis, as well as providing training and support to your employees.
  • Training and support
  • Ongoing support and SLA
  • Ongoing optimisation
  • BAU and continuous improvement support
  • Experimentation and ongoing activation