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Technology discovery

Discovery as a service

Our discovery services aim to identify and prioritise digital opportunities within your business to improve efficiency, increase revenue, decrease costs, create a point of difference or enhance staff and customer engagement.

Our team of technologists and experience designers work to identify, quantify and prioritise the opportunities for technology enabled transformation to deliver customer, staff and financial value to your business. 

Our discovery framework is designed to build whole of business engagement to collaboratively develop an actionable roadmap of digital initiatives to ensure your technology continues to enable, rather than stiffle innovation.  

LEVO's discovery as a service is designed to deliver tangible outputs for your business. Our process works to surface short, medium and long-term digital initiatives accompanied by an actionable roadmap. Our process is designed to be truly collaborative and works best when delivered as a blended team whereby LEVO techonologist work directly with business stakeholders to uncover opportunities and plan their execution. 


We collaborate to understand your business inside and out.


We explore your business using our three lens process to identify opportunities for business transformation.


Prioritise a roadmap of technology initiatives to transform your business.

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