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Commerce activation

Activating Episerver Commerce

We help retailers and brands evolve by maximising the value that Episerver Commerce provides marketers and merchandisers. Our consultants work with brands and retailers to activate Episerver's platform capability to deliver dynamic, integrated content marketing and customer-experience strategies to 'create stickiness' and forge a connection with shoppers that stretches beyond a transaction.

Getting the most out of Episerver Commerce


Our e-commerce offering works to identify and eliminate inefficient tasks through automation to ensure attention is dedicated to value driven initiatives rather than process enablement.


Personalising content and product recommendations is proven to increase order values and revenue yet many clients are not utilising the capability. We work to establish an evidence based ongoing personalisation programme to increase cart value and conversions.


Another often under utilised feature is conversion optimisation. Conversion optimisation utilises Episerver testing functionality to improve the experience based on website visitor behaviour.

Companies that have benefited from LEVO's commerce services