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Australian Red Cross Volunteering

How do we improve Red Cross' relationship with their volunteers and streamline backend processes for a better and more satisfying employee experience?

Red Cross volunteers are the lifeblood of the organisation, and the experience that they have during onboarding and throughout their lifetime as a volunteer is critical to keeping them engaged and keeping them coming back.

The volunteering platform was built on ageing, legacy technology and it was time for a change. This was also an opportunity to unify the volunteer experience across different areas of Red Cross like Emergency Services and Retail.

Our goal was to design a future experience that kept all volunteer's needs at the core, but also eliminated unnecessary manual processes for Red Cross staff.

We created a single service blueprint for all volunteers from acquisition through to off-boarding.

This mapped the customer journey, but also showed the relative employee journey, and the critical impacts that the employee experience can have on the customer experience.

This was the first time that a single volunteer journey had ever been visualised within Red Cross, and it served as a roadmap for the design of the new volunteer portal as well as the framework for consolidation of many disparate internal systems.