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Catholic Healthcare - Home care calculator

How might we help seniors and their families navigate the Government My Aged Care system and better understand the assistance available?


The transition for older Australians from their homes into residential aged care can be challenging for them and their families. More and more elderly Australians are choosing to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. However, the Home Care landscape is unnecessarily complicated, with long waiting lists for home care packages and a confusing process that bounces between aged care providers and the government My Aged Care system. 

The team at Catholic Healthcare sought a digital tool to help staff and prospective clients navigate the system while educating them on the breadth of support available either privately or via government assistance. The LEVO team set about ideating a solution that served a dual purpose; helping raise client awareness and attraction and digitising the client intake process to reduce human error, realise efficiencies and enforce compliance. 

To ensure this project was successful, we had to be confident that clinical and support employees felt like their voices were heard, their experience was valued, and they had a shared vision for the future. We used collaborative design workshops to bring everyone together to create a strategic narrative using proto-personas, journey maps and interactive prototypes. These told a compelling story of the future that was easily understood by employees, clients and the executive team. 

With all levels of the organisation aligned, and the groundwork set, LEVO embarked on developing a dual-purpose interactive home care calculator and employee portal to support client intake.