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AVA - digital experience evolution

How might we evolve our digital offering to engage the next generation of vets across Australia?


The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is the peak industry body championing and empowering the veterinary profession to thrive by providing a voice, education, community and support. While the industry had embraced digital technology to improve veterinary medicine the 100-year-old membership organisation had fallen behind. It was time to evolve. 

We engaged stakeholders across the association to develop a future-ready digital platform that would provide the capability to facilitate greater self-service capability while engaging the next generation of Veterinary professionals in a contemporary way. 

Over a 9 month period, our team facilitated workshops and discussions to co-create a new digital engagement platform that neatly integrated with the association's new membership system - Dynamics 365.

We continue to work with the AVA to improve operational efficiency by allowing members to self-service and improve the impact of their digital communications and community engagement activities.